Artikelnummer EAN Titel Datum
UICY - 40261 UHQ4988031321867Queen - A Kind of Magic2020-11-25
AN-12014260141088275Antonio Vivaldi - Die vier Jahreszeiten / Le Quattro Stagioni2020-11-25
MFSL 2-387821797238717Billy Joel - The Nylon Curtain2020-11-24
UCCG - 400414988005848376Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - Richard Strauss: Oboenkonzert D-dur; Hornkonzert Nr. 2 Es-dur2020-11-24
AFZ 127780014212728Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife2020-11-24
UICY - 40264 UHQ4988031321898Queen - Greatest Hits II2020-11-24
UICY - 40200 UHQ4988031277447Steely Dan - The Royal Scam2020-11-24
CAPC 6355 SA753088635564Rafael Frühbeck De Burgos & New Philharmonia - Isaac Albéniz: Suite Española2020-11-19
UDSACD 2124821797212465Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited2020-11-18
UDSACD 2115821797211567Hall and Oates - Private Eyes2020-11-18
UDSACD 2091821797209168Billy Joel - Glass Houses2020-11-18
UDSACD 2044821797204460The Band - Music from Big Pink2020-11-18
MFSL 2-421821797242110Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin'2020-11-18
MFSL 2-386821797238618Billy Joel - Songs In The Attic2020-11-18
UIGY - 95984988005857507The Who - The Singles2020-11-18
UDSACD 2074821797207461Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood2020-11-18
CVRJ 6000 SA753088600067Ella Fitzgerald - Like Someone in Love2020-11-17
AFZ5 223780014222321Herbie Hancock - Thrust2020-11-16
CAM2-4054619061405428Anne Bisson – Portraits & Perfumes2020-11-09
UCGG - 90084988005638083Christian Thielemann & Wiener Philharmoniker - Richard Strauss: Eine Alpensinfonie & Rosenkavalier-Suite2020-11-07
UCGG - 90064988005636751Carlos Kleiber & Wiener Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphonien No 5 & 72020-11-07
UICY - 40102-034988005861009John & Yoko / Plastic Ono Band / Elephant's Memory - Sometime in New York City2020-11-05
UCGG - 90824988005893765Leonard Bernstein & Wiener Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphonie No.6 'Pastorale'2020-11-05
UCGD - 90384988005731395Zubin Mehta & Los Angeles Philharmonic - Holst: The Planets2020-11-05
AFZ 249780014224929Joe Cocker - Joe Cocker!2020-11-04
CVRJ 8497 SA753088849763Bill Evans & Shelly Manne - Empathy2020-11-03
CPRJ 7105 SA753088710568John Coltrane - Coltrane [Prestige]2020-11-03
CIPJ 34 SA753088103469Coleman Hawkins - Today And Now2020-11-03
CBNJ 84130 SA753088413063John Patton - Along Came John2020-11-03
CBNJ 84017 SA753088401763Horace Silver Quintet & Trio - Blowin' the Blues Away2020-11-03
RR-071030911107123Eiji Oue & Minnesota Orchestra - Exotic Dances From The Opera2020-11-03
Aura Note Version 2Aura Note Version 22020-10-29
UDSACD 2036821797203661Marshall Crenshaw - Marshall Crenshaw2020-10-28
UD1S 2-011821797201124Thelonious Monk – Monk's Dream [Ultradisc One-Step LP]2020-10-26
UD1S 2-012821797201223Yes – Fragile [Ultradisc One-Step LP]2020-10-26
AFZ LP 262780014226213Esquivel And His Orchestra - Other Worlds Other Sounds2020-10-23
Cross Headphone für HIFIMANCardas Cross Headphone für HIFIMAN2020-10-19
UDSACD 2087821797208765Miles Davis - Four & More2020-10-14
UDSACD 2084821797208468Miles Davis - Milestones2020-10-12
CAPP 782 SA753088078262Nat King Cole - After Midnight2020-10-06
UCGG - 90394988005689788Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau – Franz Schubert: Winterreise2020-09-28
MFSL 1-353821797135313Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom2020-09-28
Universal 8824048042288240488Lionel Richie - Back to Front2020-09-24
Universal 5331166600753311660Elton John - Love Songs2020-09-22
UDSACD 2057821797205764The Pretenders - Learning to Crawl2020-09-22
UDSACD 2053821797205368Foreigner - 42020-09-22
MOFI 1-030821797100304Ricky Nelson - Ricky Sings Again2020-09-22
MFSL 2-481821797248112Curtis Mayfield - Superfly2020-09-22
MFSL 2-459821797245913Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' (Mono)2020-09-22
MFSL 1-425821797142519Bob Dylan - New Morning2020-09-22
MFSL 1-411821797141116Hall and Oates - Voices2020-09-22
MFSL 2-495821979249515Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line2020-09-22
UICY - 40255 UHQ4988031308950Queen - News of the World2020-09-14
UICY - 400524988005811578The Rolling Stones - Still Life (American Concert 1981)2020-09-09
AFZ LP2 177780014217716TRON - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack2020-09-03
UICY - 40036-374988005798374Cream - Fresh Cream2020-09-02
AFZ 254780014225421Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire2020-09-01
Sony 88843042602888430426023The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Volume 12020-08-25
UICY - 40204 UHQ4988031277485Supertramp - Breakfast in America2020-08-25
UICY - 40202 UHQ4988031277461Roxy Music - Avalon2020-08-24
CVRJ 6149 SA753088614965Sonny Stitt - Blows the Blues2020-08-20
CBNJ 84078 SA753088407864Jimmy Smith - Midnight Special2020-08-20
CAPP 2 SA753088000263Ray Charles - Genius + Soul = Jazz2020-08-20
XRCD PR 279563365715279569Best Audiophile Oldies2020-08-20
UCGG - 90104988005640543Lang Lang & Valery Gergiev & Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre – Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2, Paganini Rhapsody2020-08-19
UCGD - 90254988005697790Herbert von Karajan & Wiener Philharmoniker - Holst: The Planets2020-08-19
UDSACD 2192821797219266Procol Harum – A Salty Dog2020-08-19
UCGA - 90094988031134818Karl Richter & Münchener Bach-Orchester - Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburgische Konzerte No. 4-6 (BWV 1049-1051)2020-08-17
MFSL 1-358821797135818Tony Bennett - I left my Heart in San Francisco2020-08-14
UCGD - 9048-494988031154618Gidon Kremer - Johann Sebastian Bach: Sonatas And Partitas For Violin (BMV 1001 - 1006) 2020-08-12
MFSL 2-384821797238410Billy Joel - 52nd Street2020-08-11
MFSL 2-378821797237819Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin'2020-08-10
MFSL 1-444821797144414Train – Drops of Jupiter2020-08-10
MOFI 1-011821797100113Bette Midler - The Divine Miss M2020-08-05
UCGA - 90014988005612762Karl Richter & Münchener Bach-Orchester - Johann Sebastian Bach: Ouvertüren No. 1 & No. 22020-08-05
UICY - 400214988005791726The Rolling Stones - Goats Head Soup2020-07-29
Sony 88883757582888837575829John Denver - Greatest Hits 2020-07-27
UDSACD 2209821797220965T.Rex – Electric Warrior2020-07-27
MOFI 1-005821797100052Bobby Darin - Love Swings2020-07-27
MFSL 1-419821797141918The Band - The Band2020-07-27
MFSL 2-382821797238212Bob Dylan & The Band - The Basement Tapes2020-07-27
UCGD - 9055-574988031223840Hans Knappertsbusch & Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele: Richard Wagner - Parsifal2020-07-23
Sony 88697883532886978835321The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out2020-07-23
AFZ5 202780014220228Earth, Wind & Fire - Open Our Eyes2020-07-22
CAPJ 056 SA753088005664Duke Ellington - Blues In Orbit2020-07-17
UDSACD 2080821797208062Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin - Love Devotion Surrender2020-07-13
UIGY - 95854988005857378The Rolling Stones - Some Girls2020-07-13
UCGG - 95384988031305706Maurizio Pollini - Chopin: Etudes Op. 10 & Op. 252020-07-10
MFSL 1-294821797129411Marshall Crenshaw - Marshall Crenshaw2020-07-02
MFSL 1-335821797133517Elvis Costello - Almost Blue2020-07-02
MFSL 1-350821797135016Billy Joel - Turnstiles 2020-07-02
MFSL 1-352821797135214Carole King - Music2020-07-02
MFSL 1-374821797137416Miles Davis - Milestones2020-07-02
MFSL 1-413821797141314Hall And Oates - H2O2020-07-02
MFSL 2-423821797242318Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding2020-07-02
MFSL 2-424821797242417Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline2020-07-02
MFSL 2-426821797242615Bob Dylan and The Band - Before the Flood2020-07-02
MFSL 2-434821797243414The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East2020-07-02
MOFI 1-025821797100250Men at Work - Cargo2020-07-02
MOFI 1-032821797100328The Raspberries - Raspberries Best2020-07-02
MOFI 3-040821797300407Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell2020-07-02
UDSACD 2113821797211369Count Basie - Live At The Sands (Before Frank)2020-07-02
UDSACD 2112821797211260Frank Sinatra - Point Of No Return2020-07-02
UICY - 40265 UHQ4988031321904Queen - Made In Heaven2020-06-30
UIGY - 96384988005857903Dire Straits - Alchemy2020-06-30
XRCD PR 279603365715279606Best Audiophile Voices IV2020-06-29
UCGG - 91014988031228166Claudio Abbado & Wiener Philharmoniker / Maurizio Pollini – Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 22020-06-26
UCCG - 400494988005848451Maurizio Pollini: Frédéric Chopin - Études op. 10 & op. 252020-06-15
AFZ LP2 239780014223915Armageddon - The Album2020-06-11
ORG 118858492002183Antal Dorati & London Symphony Orchestra: Prokofiev - Love for Three Oranges Suite & Scythian Suite2020-06-11
CIPJ 18 SA753088001864McCoy Tyner Trio - Inception2020-06-11
CBNJ 84098 SA753088409868Ike Quebec - Blue & Sentimental2020-06-11
CBNJ 84080 SA753088408069Hank Mobley - Workout2020-06-11
CBNJ 84025 SA753088402562Lou Donaldson - The Time is Right2020-06-11
CBNJ 81600 SA753088160066The Three Sounds - Introducing the Three Sounds2020-06-11
CBNJ 1558 SA753088155864Sonny Rollins - Volume 22020-06-11
CAPP 500 SA753088050060Ray Charles - Live in Concert2020-06-11
XRCD PR 278403367715278405Best Audiophile Voices II2020-06-08
AFZ5 196780014219628LaBelle - Nightbirds2020-06-02
WIND XRCD-0002600568048829Tales of Marvels2020-05-29
MFSL 1-394821797139410Weezer - Green Album2020-05-28
MFSL 1-477821797147712James Gang - Rides Again2020-05-28
UCGG - 90564988005738165Seiji Ozawa & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade2020-05-27
UCGG - 91004988031228159Karl Böhm & Wiener Philharmoniker / Maurizio Pollini – Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 12020-05-25
Sony 88843015552888430155527Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing2020-05-25
UCGD - 90274988005697813Zubin Mehta & Wiener Philharmoniker - Mahler: Symphonie Nr. 22020-05-22
AFZ 248780014224820Weather Report - Tale Spinnin'2020-05-19
UICY - 400804988005831507Steely Dan - Countdown To Ecstasy2020-05-19
UCCU - 40112 UHQ4988031278826John Coltrane - A Love Supreme2020-05-14
UICY - 40263 UHQ4988031321881Queen - Innuendo2020-05-13
Universal 532 498-2600753249826Diana Krall - Love Scenes2020-05-13
UICY - 40234-35 UHQ4988031308769George Harrison - All Things Must Pass2020-05-13
Universal 5368206600753682067Don McLean - American Pie2020-05-11
XRCD PR 279623365715279620Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors - Audiophile Percussions2020-05-11
UCGD - 90354988005721327Sir Georg Solti & Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 52020-05-07
Universal 983 018-4602498301845Diana Krall - The Look of Love2020-05-06
AFZ 137780014213725Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking2020-05-04
UDSACD 2190821797219068Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel2020-04-29
UDSACD 2157821797215763Daryl Hall and John Oates - Rock 'n Soul Part 12020-04-29
MFSL 1-440821797144018Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson2020-04-29
MFSL 2-420821797242011Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan2020-04-29
UIGY - 95394988005798541Cream - Fresh Cream2020-04-29
MFSL 1-340821797134019Elvis Costello - Trust2020-04-29
UICY - 40257 UHQ4988031321829Queen - Flash Gordon2020-04-27
UCGG - 90114988005644053Anne-Sophie Mutter - Carmen-Fantasie2020-04-27
XRCD PR 279553365715279552Don Williams - Audiophile Selection2020-04-24
UICY - 40190 UHQ4988031277348Queen - A Night at the Opera2020-04-23
UCGG - 90354988005689740Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker: Adagio - Albinoni, Pachelbel, Boccherini, Respighi2020-04-23
UDSACD 2126821797212663Bob Dylan – Nashville Skyline2020-04-21
UDSACD 2072821797207263James Taylor - Dad Loves his Work2020-04-21
UDSACD 2063821797206365Billy Joel - Turnstiles2020-04-21
UDSACD 2107821797210768Frank Sinatra - A Swingin' Affair2020-04-21
XRCD PR 278643367715278641Best Audiophile Voices III2020-04-15
UICY - 400574988005811622Moody Blues - Long Distance Voyager2020-04-15
Sony 88843026022888430260221The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out [UHD]2020-04-15
UCGD - 90064988005636737Karl Böhm & Wiener Philharmoniker - Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 "Romantic"2020-04-14
Sony 8884308680288843086802Annie Lennox - Medusa2020-04-07
Sony 88843042592888430425927Santana - Supernatural2020-04-07
UDSACD 2135821797213561Dean Martin - This Time I'm Swingin'!2020-04-07
UICY - 400464988005799395The Carpenters - Singles 1969 - 19732020-04-07
UDSACD 2143821797214360The Allman Brothers Band - At Fillmore East2020-04-06
MOFI 1-008821797100083The English Beat - Special Beat Services2020-04-06
MFSL 2-463821797246316Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (Mono)2020-04-06
Universal 480 674-1028948067411Anne-Sophie Mutter & London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Mozart: The Violin Concertos Highlights2020-04-02
CIPJ 23 SA753088002366Roy Haynes Quartet - Out Of The Afternoon2020-03-27
Universal 5366547600753665473Ennio Morricone - The Very Best Of2020-03-25
UCGD - 90754988031333938Herbert von Karajan & Wiener Philharmoniker - Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 & 41 / Dvořák: Symphony No. 82020-03-20
UICY - 40209 UHQ4988031277539The Police - Synchronicity2020-03-20
MFSL 1-452821797145213Miles Davis – On The Corner 2020-03-18
AFZ 171780014217129Heart - Magazine2020-03-17
CAPP 385 SA753088038563Ray Charles and Betty Carter2020-03-17
UD1S 2-008821797200820Marvin Gaye - What's Going On [ULTRADISC ONE-STEP LP]2020-03-16
MFSL 1-306821797130615Linda Ronstadt - Prisoner in Disguise2020-03-13
WIND XRCD-0003600568050525Eastern Fragrance2020-03-09
CBNJ 84140 SA753088414060Joe Henderson - Page One2020-03-06
MFSL 1-359821797135917Tony Bennett - I Wanna be Around ...2020-03-04
Universal 5328998600753289983Carpenters - Gold2020-03-03
UDSACD 2046821797204668The Band - Rock of Ages2020-03-03
UDSACD 2145821797214568Miles Davis - Sorcerer2020-02-27
RR-105030911110529Keith Lockhart & Utah Symphony: Symphonic Dances2020-02-26
CVRJ 8197 SA753088819766Billie Holiday - Body and Soul2020-02-25
UIGY - 96124988005857644Elton John - Elton John2020-02-19
CIPJ 77 SA753088007767John Coltrane - A Love Supreme2020-02-19
CVRJ 4017 SA753088401732Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Ella and Louis Again2020-02-19
CBNJ 81577 SA750388157769John Coltrane - Blue Train2020-02-19
CAPP 049 SA753088004964Holly Cole Trio - Don't Smoke in Bed2020-02-19
Universal 480 411-30028948041138Argenta & London Symphony Orchestra: España2020-02-19
Universal 5334175600753341759Cat Stevens - The Ultimate Collection2020-02-19
CVRJ 6114 SA753088611469Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson2020-02-19
CBNJ 84071 SA753088407161Grant Green - Green Street2020-02-19
CAPC D2313 SA753088000966John Lanchbery & Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden - Hérold / Lanchbery: La Fille Mal Gardee2020-02-19
AFZ 187780014218720The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band2020-02-19
AFZ 253780014225322Blue Cheer – Vincebus Eruptum2020-02-18
UDSACD 2042821797204662The Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me2020-02-17
JVCXR-0029693692002928Nancy Bryan - Lay Me Down2020-02-17
UDSACD 2146821797214667Miles Davis - Nefertiti2020-02-10
XRCD PR 279523365715279521Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall2020-02-05
UDSACD 2110821797211062Frank Sinatra - Sinatra's Swingin' Session2020-02-05
UDSACD 2109821797210966Frank Sinatra - Where Are You?2020-01-20
UDSACD 2150821797215060Miles Davis - A Tribute To Jack Johnson2020-01-16
MFSL 2-478821797247818Jerry García & David Grisman - Shady Grove2020-01-16
MFSL 1-480821797148016Weezer – Weezer (Blue Vinyl)2020-01-16
MFSL 1-474821797147415Procol Harum – A Salty Dog2020-01-16
MFSL 1-360821797136013Los Lobos - By the Light of the Moon2020-01-16
MFSL 1-376 821797137614Miles Davis - Four & More2020-01-15
LIM UHD 0804892843005115Reference Recordings - Orchestral Anthology2020-01-09
XRCD PR 279673365715279675Best Audiophile Voices V2020-01-08
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UIGY - 96314988005857835T.Rex - Electric Warrior2020-01-06
UDCD 769821797076968The Allman Brothers Band - Idlewild South2020-01-03
UDSACD 2089821797208963Billy Joel - The Stranger 2019-12-20
UICY - 40208 UHQ4988031277522Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms2019-12-19
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UICY - 400654988005816610Tom Waits - Rain Dogs2019-12-17
XRCD PR 279753365715279750Best Of Audiophile Voices 62019-12-16
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A.T. Music 3101738964322738Lyn Stanley - Lost in Romance2019-12-10
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ORG 116858492002169Ben Webster and Associates2019-12-02
AFZ 241780014224127Blood, Sweat & Tears – Greatest Hits2019-11-28
CCBP SCCBP S2019-11-27
CCBP LCCBP L2019-11-27
GRS 9 CGRS 9 C2019-11-27
GRS CGRS C2019-11-27
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UICY - 400254988005791764Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road2019-11-18
MFSL 1-307821797130714Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes2019-11-18
UDSACD 2148821797214865Miles Davis - Filles De Kilimanjaro2019-11-12
UCGG - 90244988005671554Martha Argerich - Chopin: Piano Sonata No. 32019-11-04
UCGG - 90254988005671561Martha Argerich - Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No.3 & Ravel: Piano Concerto in G2019-11-04
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UCGG - 90434988005693792Karl Böhm & Wiener Philharmoniker - Mozart: Piano Concertos No. 23 & 192019-11-04
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UCGG - 90464988005700650Seiji Ozawa & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Respighi: Pines of Rome, Fountains of Rome2019-11-04
UCGG - 90534988005727893Seiji Ozawa & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Mahler: Symphony No. 12019-11-04
UCGG - 90684988005866974Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites 1&2, Sibelius: Pelléas et Mélisande2019-11-04
UCGG - 90694988005866981Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - Sibelius: Finlandia, Valse Triste, Tapiola, Der Schwan von Tuonela2019-11-04
UCGG - 90704988005866998Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - J. S. Bach: Suites for Orchestra No. 2 & No. 32019-11-04
UCGG - 90724988005868756Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik, Divertimento KV 2872019-11-04
UCGG - 90794988005893734Leonard Bernstein & Wiener Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphonien No.1 & 22019-11-04
UCGG - 90804988005893741Leonard Bernstein & Wiener Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphonie No.3 2019-11-04
UCGG - 90834988005893772Leonard Bernstein & Wiener Philharmoniker - Beethoven: Symphonien No.7 & No.82019-11-04
UCGG - 90854988005893796Leonard Bernstein & Berliner Philharmoniker - Mahler: Symphony No. 9 in D major2019-11-04
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UCGD - 90294988005705013Ataólfo Argenta & London Symphony Orchestra - España2019-11-04
UCGD - 90434988005893819Seiji Ozawa & Orchestre de Paris - Tchaikovsky: Ballet Suites2019-11-04
UCGD - 90454988005893833Seiji Ozawa & Boston Symphony Orchestra - Stravinsky: Le Sacre du Printemps2019-11-04
UCGD - 90464988031146385Hans Knappertsbusch & The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: Vienna Holiday2019-11-04
UCGD - 90504988031158012Karl Böhm & Vienna Philharmonic - Wilhelm Backhaus: Brahms - Piano Concerto No. 22019-11-04
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UCGD - 90044988005622167Sir Colin Davis & Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique2019-11-04
RM-2501030911250119Dick Hyman - From the Age of Swing2019-10-29
MFSL 2-416821797241618Bob Dylan - Desire2019-10-25
MFSL 1-443821797144315Bob Dylan - Planet Waves2019-10-25
MFSL 1-412821797141215Hall and Oates - Private Eyes2019-10-25
ORG 013892001002134Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster2019-10-16
UCCG-400394988005848352Herbert von Karajan & Berliner Philharmoniker - Richard Strauss: Ein Heldenleben, op. 402019-10-10
MFSL 1-377821797137713Miles Davis - In A Silent Way2019-10-08
MFSL 1-362821797136211Elvis Costello - King of America2019-10-08
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CLEAR Light Interconnect CLEAR Light Interconnect 2018-09-14
CLEAR Light SpeakerCLEAR Light Speaker2018-09-14
CLEAR M PowerCLEAR M Power2018-09-14
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A.T. Music 3105738964322820Lyn Stanley - The Moonlight Sessions (Volume One)2018-06-20
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SRCA SR SRCA SR 2017-07-26
RCA C SP RCA C SP 2017-07-26
PCC ES PCC ES 2017-07-26
Cardas A8 In-Ear-SpeakersCardas A8 In-Ear-Speakers2017-07-26
Cardas A8 - AnschlusskabelCardas A8 - Anschlusskabel2017-07-26
CTFA ALTCTFA2017-07-25
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HIFIMAN HE-CableHIFIMAN Anschlusskabel2016-08-04
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GS DXD 0024892843002022Harold Faberman - The All Star Percussion Ensemble2014-08-04
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AFZ 117780014211721Bad Company - Straight Shooter2014-05-28
UDCD 772821797077262Rush: Permanent Waves2014-05-28
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AFZ 101780014210120James Taylor - One Man Dog 2014-05-27
AFZ 086780014208622Stevie Wonder - Innervisions2014-05-27
AFZ 079780014207922Joe Walsh - But Seriously, Folks...2014-05-27
AFZ 068780014206826Asia - Asia2014-05-27
1009 SA4897009540066Jheena Lodwick: Feelings2014-05-27
Universal 4428836028944288360Szeryng plays Kreisler and other Treasures of the Violin2014-05-02
AFZ 095780014209520Billy Joel - 52nd Street2014-04-07
AFZ 129780014212926Phil Collins - Hello, I Must Be Going!2014-04-07
AFZ 102780014210229Phil Collins - No Jacket Required2014-04-07
UDCD 792821797079266Frank Sinatra - Only the Lonely2014-03-28
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AFZ 114780014211424Carly Simon - No Secrets2014-02-25
AFZ 059780014205928Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get2014-02-25
PRE 90761-G669179076133Patricia Barber - Modern Cool2014-02-24
PRE 90760-G669179076034Patricia Barber - Café Blue2014-02-24
CAPP 1859 SA753088185960Nat King Cole - Where did Everyone Go?2014-02-21
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SRM 014 LP2012040122008Antonio Vivaldi - Die vier Jahreszeiten / Le Quattro Stagioni2014-02-20
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MFSL 2-312821797231213Frank Sinatra - Live in Paris2013-11-19
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RR-120030911112028Michael Stern & Kansas City Symphony: Britten's Orchestra2013-02-25
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JVCXR-0209693692020922West Side Story2012-06-13
JMXR-240384975769331916Hans Maria Kneihs plays his Favorites2012-06-13
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JMXR-240314975769320187Paillard: Mozart - Serenade No. 9 & No. 62012-06-08
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MFSL 1-298821797129817Milt Jackson Sextet - Invitation2012-05-25
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AFZ 048780014204822Alice Cooper - Killer2012-05-23
AFZ 027780014202729Deep Purple - Who do We think We are2012-05-22
AFZ2 096780014209629Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life2012-03-30
JVCXR-0201693692020120XRCD Sampler 22012-03-13
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AFZ 028780014202828Montrose - Montrose2012-02-08
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AFZ 075780014207526Simon & Garfunkel - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme2012-01-02
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UDSACD 201882179720181Pat Martino: East2011-12-20
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MFSL 1-297821797129718Art Pepper - ... the way it was!2011-12-08
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JMXR-24020693692402025Arthur Fiedler & Boston Pops Orchestra: Marches in Hi-Fi2011-07-11
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JVCXR-0038693692003826Sarah Vaughan: How long has this been going on?2011-01-18
JMXR-24019693692401929Leopold Stokowski: Rhapsodies2011-01-18
Universal 470 450-2028947045021Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni - Omaggio a Stradivari2011-01-14
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AFZ 034780014203429Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel2010-12-17
JMXR-240474975769352867Heifetz plays Gershwin & Music of France2010-12-16
4509 99592-10754099959210Dadawa - Sister Drum2010-10-26
JMXR-240514975769367069Erich Leinsdorf & Boston Symphony: Rimsky-Korsakoff - Le Coq D'Or & Stravinsky - Firebird Suite2010-10-06
JMXR-242004975769342035Paniagua & Atrium Musicae de Madrid: Musique de la Grece Antique2010-08-20
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FIM XRCD 0184892843000561The Super Extended Resolution Sound of TBM2010-08-16
MFSL 2-45003821797450034Patricia Barber: Companion2010-07-28
FIM XR24 0664892843000240FIM Super Sound !2010-07-06
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JVCXR-0016693692001624Victor Feldman: Audiophile2010-06-15
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UDCD 760821797076067John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band2010-06-10
UDCD 76182179707612John Lennon: Mindgames2010-06-10
UDSACD 2011821797201162The Edgar Winter Group: They only Come out at Night2010-06-10
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MFSL 1-280821797029322John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band2010-06-10
MFSL 1-282821797128216Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 22010-06-10
MFSL 1-283821797128315The Plastic Ono Band: Live Peace in Toronto 19692010-06-10
MFSL 1-293John Lennon: Mindgames2010-06-10
ORG 003892001002035Diana Krall - Live in Paris2010-06-10
JVCXR-0020693692002027Everybody Digs Bill Evans2010-06-10
JVCXR-0021693692002126Count Basie: 88 Basie Street2010-06-10
JVCXR-0208693692020823The Tony Benett & Bill Evans Album2010-06-10
JVCXR-0211693692021127Lightnin' Hopkins: Goin' Away2010-06-10
FIM XRCD 0274892843000721Patricia Barber: Companion2010-06-10
7 2345-34463-2 1724353446321Nat King Cole: Greatest Love Songs2010-06-09
UDSACD 2013821797201360Blood, Sweat & Tears: 32010-06-08
MFSL 1-45006821797450065Richard Thompson - Some Enchanted Evenings2010-06-08
UDSACD 2009821797200967Blood, Sweat & Tears: Blood, Sweat & Tears2010-06-01
FIM XR24 0734892843001148FIM Super Sound III2010-05-26
FIM XR24 0674892843000370FIM Super Sound 22010-05-26
FIM XR24 0534892843000998Autumn Yearning Fantasia2010-05-26
JMCXR-0004693692100426Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Debussy - Images for Orchestra / Gigues - Iberia2010-05-26
JVCXR-0048693692004823Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane 2010-05-26
JMCXR-0008693692100822Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Respighi - Pines of Rome & Fountains of Rome2010-05-25
FIM XRCD 0244892843000653Over the Rainbow2010-05-25
JMXR-240504975769354908André Previn & London Symphony: Shostakovich - Symphony No. 52010-05-18
JVCXR-0051693692005127Bill Evans Trio: Sunday at the Village Vanguard2010-05-14
JVCXR-0033693692003321Gene Ammons: Boss Tenor2010-05-14
LIM XR 0054892843001001The Sheffield Lab Drum & Track Disc2010-04-23
82876-62970-2828766297027Kenny G: Breathless2010-04-21
JMCXR-0002693692100228Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Saint-Saëns - Symphony No. 32010-04-21
JMXR-24022693692402223Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Brahms - Piano Concerto No. 22010-04-21
JMXR-240064975769282881Paillard & ECO: Mozart - Symphonies 38 & 392010-04-21
JMCXR-0014693692101423Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Dvorak - Cello Concerto2010-04-21
JVCXR-0022693692002225Duke Ellington Quartet: Duke's Big Four2010-04-09
JVCXR-0203693692020328Modern Jazz Quintet: Concorde2010-04-06
JVCXR-0032693692003222Mulligan meets Monk2010-03-29
JVCXR-0223693692022322Walter Hendl & Chicago Symphony: Sibelius Violin Concerto2010-03-17
Universal 470 447-2028947044727Neville Marriner & Academy of St. Martin in the Fields - Rossini: String Sonatas 1-62010-03-17
FIM SACD 0364892843000943A Song for You Karen2010-03-05
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JMCXR-0018693692101829Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Franck - Symphony in D Minor2010-03-02
JMXR-240524975769367076Fritz Reiner & RCA Victor Symphony Orchestra: Rachmaninoff - Piano Concerto No. 3 mit Vladimir Horowitz2010-02-25
JMXR-240054975769282874Paillard & ECO: Mozart - Symphonies 35, 36 & 372010-02-24
JMCXR-0010693692101027Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - Violin Concerto & Prokofiev - Violin Concerto2010-02-24
JMXR-24018693692401820Sviatoslav Richter: Beethoven - Piano Concerto No. 1 & Piano Sonata No. 222010-02-22
JMCXR-0011693692101126Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Strauss - Also sprach Zarathustra2010-02-03
UDSACD 2025821797202565Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 22010-02-02
82876-62971-2828766297126Erick Friedman: Violin Showpieces2010-01-29
JMXR-24027693692402728Charles Munch & Boston Symphony Orchestra: Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 & Schubert - 2010-01-28
JMCXR-0022693692102222Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Tchaikovsky - Romeo & Juliet & Strauss - Till Eulenspiegel2010-01-28
JMXR-240404975769338564Mendelssohn & Tchaikovsky Violin Concertos - Toshiya Eto2010-01-26
JMXR-24036Paillard: Melodies Japonaises2010-01-25
JMXR-24025693692402520Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Vienna2010-01-25
JMCXR-0003693692100327Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Debussy - La Mer / Ibert - Ports of Call2010-01-25
UDSACD 2030821797203067Coleman Hawkins 2010-01-21
FIM SACD 0484892843000936Five Songbirds2010-01-21
JMXR-24014693692401424Kiril Kondrashin: Khachaturian - Masquerade Suite & Kabalevsky - The Comedians2010-01-12
JMCXR-0017693692101720Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Mahler - Symphony No. 42010-01-07
JMXR-24023693692402322Arthur Rubinstein: Tchaikovsky Concerto No. 12010-01-05
JMXR-24021693692402124Pierre Monteux & London Symphony Orchestra: Brahms - Violin Concerto2010-01-04
JMXR-24003693692400328Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Beethoven - Violin Concert2010-01-04
UDSACD 2023821797202367Patricia Barber: Companion2009-12-14
FIM 009 VD4892843001094Jeremy Monteiro Trio: Songs my Dad Taught me2009-12-14
JMXR-240394975769338557Beethoven Violin Concert in D, Op. 61 - Toshiya Eto2009-12-14
JMXR-24017693692401721Sviatoslav Richter: Beethoven - Apassionata & Funeral March2009-12-11
JMXR-24035Paillard: Mozart - Serenade No. 10 2009-12-09
JMXR-240454975769350856Seiji Ozawa & Chicago Symphony - Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibiton & Britten: The Young Person's Guide to Orchestra2009-12-08
JVCXR-0202693692020229John Coltrane: Settin' the Pace2009-12-07
JMCXR-0007693692100723Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Bartók - Concerto for Orchestra2009-12-07
GRN 0400154717681017604Jacintha - The Girl from Bossa Nova2009-12-07
FIM CD 0104892843000424Patricia Barber - Café Blue2009-12-04
FIM XRCD 011489243000714Ayako Hosokawa: A World of Love2009-12-04
JMCXR-0015693692101522Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade2009-12-02
JMCXR-0006693692100624Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Beethoven - Symphony No. 7 & Fidelio Overture2009-12-01
GRN 0400174717681017628Eden Atwood - Waves - The Bossa Nova Session2009-11-25
JMCXR-0001693692100129Charles Munch & Boston Symphony: Berlioz - Symphony Fantastique2009-11-25
ORG 01089200100410Beck - Odelay2009-11-20
JMCXR-0020693692102024Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 2009-11-19
JMCXR-0021693692102123Fritz Reiner & Chicago Symphony: Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 2009-11-16
JMXR-240414975769345708André Previn & London Symphony Orchestra - Rimsky-Korsakoff: Scheherazade2009-11-16
UDSACD 2024821797202466Los Lobos: This Time2009-11-09
JVCXR-0009693692000924Hiroko Kokubu: Pure Heart2009-11-05
JVCXR-0047693692004724Miles Davis: Walkin'2009-11-03
JVCXR-0046693692004625Miles Davis: Bags Groove2009-11-03
UDSACD 2003821797200363Patricia Barber: Modern Cool 2009-10-29
UDSACD 2012821797201261Jim Hall: Concierto2009-10-27
JVCXR-0219693692021929Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie2009-10-27
JMXR-240534975769371783Erich Leinsdorf & Boston Symphony Orchestra: Leinsdorf conducts Wagner2009-10-26
JMXR-242054975769344527Jan Panenka & Smetana Quartet: Schubert - Piano Quintet 'Trout?¢¬Ä¬ù2009-10-19
JMXR-240074975769282898Paillard & ECO: Mozart - Symphonies 40 & 412009-10-14
JMXR-240424975769345715Seiji Ozawa & Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring & Fireworks2009-10-13
JMXR-240304975769317835Paillard: Bach - Suites 3 & 42009-10-02
JMXR-240294975769317828Paillard: Bach - Suites 1 & 22009-10-02
WIND LP-5258600568048423He-Xun Tian - Para Mita2009-10-01
FIM 048 VD4892843001049Five Songbirds2009-09-24
Universal 461 807-2028946180723Andrea Bocelli: Romanza2009-09-23
JVCXR-0044693692004427Tina Turner: Private Dancer2009-09-23
ORG 012892001002127John Coltrane - Ballads2009-09-23
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GRN 0400134717681017581Jacintha - Jacintha is her name2007-11-01
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